Car Professional Fuhrparkmanagement und Beratungsges. mbh & Co.KG (CPM)

Location: Hamburg

Shareholder: Société Générale

Member of SG-Group since: 2001

Activities: Fleetmanagement services

Number of locations: 1

Phone: +49 (0) 40 5 31 05 – 8012

Address: Car Professional Fuhrparkmanagement und Beratungsges. mbh & Co.KG, Flughafenstraße 54, Haus A, 22335 Hamburg


Car Professional Management, briefly CPM, is a specialised fleet management company which focuses on the manufacturer-independent management of large vehicle fleets. Founded in 1992, CPM is one of the market-leading fleet management companies in Germany with the nationwide management of nearly 63,000 vehicles and 170 prestigious customers.

The customers of CPM are provided with all services to make their fleet management processes more economical, smoother and simpler.

CPM has always placed great emphasis on the personal care of its customers – thanks to its car fleet specialist staff CPM is able to offer individual customer solutions at the highest level.

With its new and innovative online customer portal CPM-UX as well as its new service app, Car Professional Management has set another milestone regarding digital solutions and redefined the vehicle fleet management in general.

As part of ALD Automotive, CPM belongs to the Société Générale Group.

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